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mySQL trick for update/insert

I found myself often in the position of updating or inserting things in a database table. Writing the queries for such operations is a really tedious job, especially when the table have a lot of columns. Being a lazy creature I’ve decided to let the computer do half of my job and extract the columns […]

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CSS3 how to blink

Back in the days when the internet was in its infancy, the CSS had a very useful feature for text decoration: blink. I remember using it quite often in my early HTML output, because it believe it to be cool. Over time this way of catching user eye become to ostentatious and was trashed by […]

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Cookies not working?

Well, when you are working for so long with mvc’s and other libraries, one can forgot about the right syntax of row php code. Take for example setookie() which has the same number of arguments under Codeigniter. But the code copied from there didnt wanted to work. Why? Precious time loosed to the fact that […]


Clear and restore default text in input with jQuery

Today I wanted to put some text in a input for user, so he know what values should type in. When you do that the problem is if user let the field blank you have to reload the text again. The most common is the username input where you want to have “Username” text. After […]